Effect of Muscle Strength Training on Cognitive Functions and Depressive Symptoms for Patients with Depressive Disorder


  • Aistė Leleikienė Lietuvos sporto universitetas
  • Laura Žlibinaitė Lietuvos sporto universitetas
  • Jūratė Požerienė Lietuvos sporto universitetas
  • Diana Reklaitienė Lietuvos sporto universitetas


Reseach Background. Depression nowadays is seen as a multifactorial disorder, it can occur as a function of many (combinations of) factors. Depression refers to a wide range of mental health problems characterized by the absence of a positive affect (loss of interest and enjoyment in ordinary things and experiences), persistent low mood and a range of associated emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioural symptoms (Jonge et al., 2015). Cognitive impairment is frequently observed in patients suffering from depression and is associated with poor response to treatment (Roiser et al., 2012). Physical activity and exercise can be not only an additional treatment method, but also as a primary preventive means for reducing symptoms of depression by 20–30% (Booth et al., 2012). The aim of the research was to evaluate the effect of muscle strength exercises on cognitive functions and depression symptoms for patients with depression. Methods. Ten outpatients with depression disorders were evaluated using a sociedemographic survey, Beck Depression Scale, and the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics version 4 (ANAM4) battery. Evaluation was done before and after the training sessions. The researchers performed 12 strength physical exercise sessions which lasted for 6 weeks. Results. Muscle strength exercises signifcantly reduced the expression of depressive symptoms in depressed patients. Muscle strength exercises significantly improved the cognitive function of depression patients, with the greatest influence on reaction time, attention concentration and memory. Exercises had a statistically signifcant effect on muscle strength and have had a positive effect on improving cognitive function Conclusions. The training of muscle strength can improve the cognitive function of depression and reduce depression.

Keywords: depression, muscle strength exercises, cognitive functions.







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