Editorial policy

The journal supports the principles of ethical publishing and applies ethical requirements to the editors, reviewers and authors of the journal.

Editors and the Editorial Board shall:

  • make a decision to accept or reject a publication based on the relevance, originality and clarity of the article, the validity of the research and the relevance to the journal.
  • ensure the confidentiality of the material submitted and not pass manuscripts to persons who are not involved in the review and publishing process.
  • ensure that appropriate reviewers are selected for the review.
  • ensure that the journal uses double-blind peer review and appoints peer-recognized scholars in the field following the principles of professionalism, academic integrity and ethics.
  • take reasonable responses to ethical complaints about a submitted manuscript or published article.
  • support and promote plagiarism screening policies.

Reviewers shall:

  • agree to review works whose subject matter corresponds to his / her competence and with the authors of which there is no conflict of interest.
  • treat the received peer-reviewed manuscripts as confidential documents.
  • submit a written review within the deadline set by the editor.
  • inform the Editorial Board about suspected cases of unfair citation, use of previously published texts, the authors of which have not been named, plagiarism, falsification of research, and evaluate the accuracy and relevance of the sources indicated by the authors.
  • adhere to the basic norms of academic ethics: non-abuse of one's influence in decision-making, norms and rules of academic communication, and the principle of equal opportunities.

Authors shall:

  • provide an original, previously unpublished work of scientific value.
  • sign the authors' letter of guarantee for the work submitted to the press; all co-authors shall approve the final version of the article before submitting it for publication.
  • edit the work within the time allotted by the editor, taking into account reasonable comments of the reviewers or explaining in a reasoned manner why the comments have not been taken into account.
  • understand that any form of plagiarism is unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable.

Conflicts of interest. At the submission stage, authors shall report any potential interest and explain why a conflict of interest may arise. Authors submitting articles are responsible for having their co-authors indicate their interest. In any case of a conflict of interest, editors and reviewers shall notify the journal and withdraw from the submitted article.

Plagiarism check. The Editorial Board is actively working to prevent scientific and professional plagiarism, so the iThenticate program is used before the process of reviewing.