Comparative Effects of Different Physiotherapy Programs on Motor Skills of Children with Mild and Moderate Motor Impairment


  • Kristina Tabarienė Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas; Marijampolė Hospital, Marijampolė
  • Saulė Sipavičienė Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas


Background. Children diagnosed with mild or moderate motor impairment not only face impairment of fine motor skills and problems with body balance in daily activities, they are also diagnosed with a decrease in muscle strength. Physiotherapy is prescribed to improve physical condition.

The aim of the study was to determine the effect of different physiotherapy programs on running speed, balance and leg strength in children with mild and moderate motor impairment.

Methods. 30 children (4–6 years old) with mild or moderate motor impairment participated in the study, and were randomly divided into two groups. The control group (n=15) received only conventional physiotherapy, while the experimental group (n=15) received a balance training program on the Abili Balance platform in addition to conventional physiotherapy. The duration of the interventions for both groups was 8 weeks. The subjects’ static and dynamic balance (according to Abili stability index and Berg scale), leg muscle strength (Broad jump) and running speed (Shuttle Run) were assessed before and after the interventions.

Results. After 8 weeks, children in both groups had longer forward jumps and shorter shuttle run test results (p<0.05); balance indicators improved (p<0.05). After the interventions, the postural stability and leg muscle strength of the children in the study group were higher (p<0.05) than in the control group; other indicators did not differ significantly.

Conclusions. Both applied 8-week physiotherapy programs were effective in improving children’s motor skills. Conventional physiotherapy combined with a balance training program was more effective than conventional physiotherapy in improving leg strength and postural stability in children with mild to moderate motor impairment, but not running speed and static and dynamic balance assessed by the Berg test.

Keywords: leg, muscle strength, balance, running speed.







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