Effects of Manual Therapy and Exercises on Back Pain and Functional Status


  • Šarūnas Zabiela Lithuanian Sports University
  • Rolandas Kesminas Lietuvos sporto universitetas
  • Viljamas Sipavičius Lithuanian University of Health Sciences




Background. Studies have found that spinal stabilization exercises improve lumbar deep muscle function and reduce back pain. Spinal mobilization and manipulation reduce disability and pain in the treatment of chronic back pain. However, there are not enough studies to show a greater or lesser effect of different manual therapies in the treatment of lower back pain.

            Research aim was to determine the effect of different manual therapy methods and spinal stabilization exercises on pain and functional status in individuals experiencing lower back pain.

            Methods. The study included 18 subjects experiencing chronic nonspecific lower back pain. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups. One group underwent spinal vertebral mobilization with movement (sustained natural apophyseal glides – SNAG’s) and spinal stabilization exercises, and the other group underwent non-specific lumbar spine manipulation and spinal stabilization exercises. Before and after the intervention back pain (SAS), functional status and disability, abdominal muscle static endurance, back muscle static endurance, lateral trunk muscle static endurance, and spine mobility were assessed.

            Results. All subjects had statistically significant (p < 0.05) changes in results related with pain, disability and functional status, lumbar spine mobility, and lumbar muscle static endurance, comparing them before and after the intervention. The results of the study before and after the intervention did not differ significantly between the groups.

            Conclusion. Spine mobilization with movement and core stability exercises as well as non-specific lumbar-sacral spine manipulation and core stability exercises were found to reduce low back pain and improve functional status; the effects did not differ between different manual therapy methods.

            Keywords: low back pain, spinal stabilization exercises, manual therapy.


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Zabiela, Šarūnas, Kesminas, R., & Sipavičius, V. (2021). Effects of Manual Therapy and Exercises on Back Pain and Functional Status. Reabilitacijos Mokslai: Slauga, Kineziterapija, Ergoterapija, 2(23), 94-105. https://doi.org/10.33607/rmske.v2i23.990