Assessment of Postural Control and Proprioception Using the Delos Postural Proprioceptive System


  • Roberto Tedeschi Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Bologna


Background. Proper postural control and proprioception are essential for maintaining balance, preventing falls, and performing daily activities. Traditional methods of assessing postural control and proprioceptive function often lack objectivity and precision. The DPPS offers a promising solution by providing a quantitative and comprehensive evaluation of postural stability and proprioceptive performance.

Methods. The DPPS utilises advanced sensor technology and computerised analysis to measure various parameters related to postural control, including stability indexes, weight distribution, sway patterns, and proprioceptive responses. It incorporates both static and dynamic tests, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of postural control in different conditions.

Results. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the DPPS in evaluating postural control and proprioception in various populations, such as athletes, older adults, individuals with balance disorders, and patients undergoing rehabilitation. The DPPS has shown good reliability and validity, with its measurements correlating well with other established assessment tools. It has also proven to be sensitive in detecting changes in postural control and proprioceptive function over time.

Conclusions. The DPPS represents a valuable tool for objective assessment and monitoring of postural control and proprioceptive function. Its ability to provide quantitative data in a reliable and sensitive manner makes it an attractive option for researchers, clinicians, and rehabilitation professionals. By enhancing our understanding of postural control and proprioception, the DPPS can contribute to the development of targeted interventions and personalised treatment strategies aimed at improving balance, preventing falls, and optimising functional performance.

Keywords: Delos Postural Proprioceptive System, Postural control, Proprioception, Assessment, Balance.







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