Effects of Different Physical Therapy Programs on Neck Spine Pain and Functional Condition


  • Akvilė Jankauskaitė Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas
  • Saulė Sipavičienė Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas




Background. Scientists say neck pain is a global health disorder that changes a person’s quality of life. Due to the differently evaluated methodologies, researchers lack an opinion on which physiotherapy intervention is most effective in reducing cervical spine pain, thus the comparison of three different interventions is presented in this study.           

Research aim. To determine effects different physiotherapy methods have towards neck pain and impaired function.

Methods. 89 individuals with non-specific chronic neck pain were studied. Subjects were divided into three groups. Therapeutic exercises were applied in group one, therapeutic exercises and vacuum cups in group two, and therapeutic exercises and kinesio taping were applied in group three. Before and after the interventions, patients’ quality of life was assessed by the neck disability index, functional disability and pain on an analog pain scale, and the amplitude of neck movements was assessed with a goniometer.

Results. Statistically significant indicators were observed in all subject groups after rehabilitation. Pain level decreased in all groups after the study was conducted (p <0.05). Comparing the indicators between all three groups, better indicators were observed in the group of therapeutic exercises and vacuum cups whit a significant decrease in pain intensity, an increase of amplitudes of neck movements and improvement in quality of life were found (p <0.05).

Conclusions. Therapeutic exercises with vacuum cups more significantly reduced pain intensity and functional disability and more significantly increased the amplitude of active head movements compared with when other physiotherapy programs were applied.

Key words: neck pain, kinesio tape, vacuum cups, therapeutic exercises.


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