Different Training Programs of Mini-Basketball Players Have a Different Effect on Physical and Technical Preparation

Kęstutis Matulaitis, Andris Rudzitis, Mindaugas Barčaitis, Rasa Kreivytė, Ramūnas Butautas


Background. Basketball coaches need to find or create an effective training program while developing and training mini-basketball players. Only an effective and certified training program can help optimize the training process and bring success. So our aim of the analysis was also to determine and evaluate the effectivity of different training programs for mini-basketball players (8–9 years old).

Methods. The study included (n = 38) mini-basketball (aged 8.5 ± 0.27 years) players. During the study, the subjects were split into three separate groups of training programs (universal, technical, integral). Groups were formed in random order, based on their place of residence. Mini-basketball players of different training programs were tested before and after the study, which lasted for 4 months (17 weeks) during the competitive period.

Results. The analysis of the results showed that the indicators increased the most after applying the Universal Training Program (UTP). After applying the UTP for 4 months, the indicators of speed increased by 1.9% and agility by 4.99% (p < .05), however, speed-strength increased by 4.64% and endurance by – 5.64% when applying the Technical Training Program (TTP). The most time in TTP was spent developing skills (30.7%), but all of the indicators of technical skills increased, in UTP 20.3% of all the training time was spent on technical fitness. The indicators of dribbling (control dribble test) in the Universal Training Programme increased by 10.91% (p < .05), (20m basketball dribbling test) by 3.7% (p < .05), shooting by 21.06% (p < .05).

Conclusions. The results of the study showed that the mini-basketball players participating in the study corresponded to a good level of preparation. The most effective program for mini- basketballs players – Universal Training Program, in which an equal amount of attention is given to integral, physical and technical fitness.

Keywords: mini-basketball, training program, development.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33607/bjshs.v1i116.901