Peculiarities of Aerobic Capacity of Military Academy Students


  • Arvydas Stasiulis
  • Loreta Dubininkaitė
  • Ronaldas Endrijaitis
  • Arūnas Krasauskas



The aim of the study was to evaluate the aerobic capacity of the first year students in the Lithuanian Military Academy.
63 first year students (57 men and 6 women) agreed to participate in the study. They performed graded cycling exercise
test until voluntary exhaustion. The starting work load was set at 70 W and was increased every minute by 21 W.
Pulmonary gas exchange was measured breath-by-breath using the portable telemetric system (Oxycon Mobile,
Jaeger). The maximal oxygen uptake (VO 2  max) was determined as the highest VO 2  within 20 s period obtained during
increasing cycling test. Maximal cardiorespiratory values at this point were calculated as well. The VO 2  max in military
academy cadets was 52.9 (4.6) ml / kg -1  / min -1  (from 42.7 to 63.4). The aerobic capacity in most cadets may be
considered as high and very high (80%), and only in one fifth of the subjects — as moderate, applying the normative
scale for untrained persons.

Keywords: maximal oxygen uptake, aerobic capacity, cycling ergometry.


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Stasiulis, A., Dubininkaitė, L., Endrijaitis, R., & Krasauskas, A. (2018). Peculiarities of Aerobic Capacity of Military Academy Students. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, 3(57).



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