The Role of Physical Activity in Psychological Resilience


  • Abdullah Bora Ozkara
  • Arslan Kalkavan
  • Serdar Alemdag
  • Ceyhun Alemdag



Background. Existing research indicates that both teachers and prospective teachers who are physically active
in comparison with inactive generally easier cope with physical and psychosocial problems. This topic, particularly
psychosocial development of individuals and their participation in sports, has attracted the attention of researchers in
recent years. There are a lot of studies on this issue, but less is known about the relationship between physical activity
participation and psychological resilience. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the association
between experience of physical activity and psychological resilience of prospective teachers according to some
Methods. A sample of 331 last year student teachers (134 females and 197 males) who study at the Faculty of
Education at Karadeniz Technical University in Northeast Turkey was evaluated. We used Childhood and Adolescence
Physical Activity Levels Questionnaire to determine the physical activity experience. Besides, we applied the Brief
Resilience scale to analyse the psychological resilience. The data was analysed by using the Pearson’s Correlation
Coefficient, Simple Linear Regression and Independent Sample t-Test.
Results. The research findings show that there was positive and significant relationship between psychological
resilience and physical activity experience of prospective teachers. Regression analysis revealed that participation
of physical activity was found to be significant predictors of resilience. In addition, both physical activity levels and
resilience of prospective teachers with respect to gender, department and licensed sports participation status were
found significant.
Conclusions. Physical activity has numerous beneficial psychological effects. Furthermore, current research
results suggest that experiences of physical activity play a role in psychological resilience of prospective teachers.
It  was  also  concluded  that  prospective  teachers  should  be  encouraged  to  participate  in  physical  activity.  The
development of this aspect of the policy can contribute to psychological resilience of prospective teachers.

Keywords:  sport, psychological resilience, teacher education.


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Ozkara, A. B., Kalkavan, A., Alemdag, S., & Alemdag, C. (2016). The Role of Physical Activity in Psychological Resilience. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, 3(102).



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