The Impact of Fatigue on Jump Shot Height and Accuracy Over a Longer Shooting Distance in Basketball


  • Frane Erčulj
  • Matej Supej



This study basically aimed to establish how a gradual increase in effort (fatigue) affects the jump height and accuracy
of shots at the basket.
For this purpose, an elite basketball player, Primož Brezec, performed seven series of 20 shots from a distance of
7.24 metres. All shots were executed in four-second intervals and the height of each jump shot was measured. The
accuracy of shots was established on the basis of the number of goals and distance from the centre of the ball to the
centre of the rim of the basket. Thus, for each shot a kinematic analysis was applied using the APAS system to calculate
the parabolas of ball fl ight and the distance between the two points mentioned. During an individual series of shots
the subject player performed a special basketball motor task consisting of running, a defensive slide and jumps. The
effort gradually increased with each motor task and, in the meantime, the subject’s heart rate and concentration of
lactates in his blood were measured.
The results of the study show that the jump height decreases on average with each series of shots (with the exception
of series two) and that the differences between the series are statistically signifi cant (p < 0.01).
There were no statistically signifi cant differences between the individual series of shots in terms of shooting accu-
racy and / or number of goals. The number of goals decreased drastically in the last series, i. e. in the conditions of
maximum fatigue (heart rate: 197 beats / min, lactate concentration: 9.7 mmol / l).
The average distance between the centre of the ball and the centre of the rim in the plane of the rim ranges between
13.5 and 16.6 cm, however, it does not increase with fatigue.

Keywords: jump shot, kinematic analysis, accuracy, jump height, fatigue.


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Erčulj, F., & Supej, M. (2018). The Impact of Fatigue on Jump Shot Height and Accuracy Over a Longer Shooting Distance in Basketball. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, 4(63).



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