Relationship between Physical Activity and Health-Related Physical Fitness in 16-Year-Old Boys

Renata Rutkauskaitė, Arūnas Emeljanovas, Vida Volbekienė, Rita Sadzevičienė, Edita Maciulevičienė, Olegas Batutis, Rita Gruodytė


Research background and hypothesis. It is well established that regular physical activity (PA) has many
short- and long-term benefi ts for children’s health. Physically active children are more physically fi t than their
physically inactive counterparts. Insuffi cient physical fi tness of adolescents is one of the risk factors for chronic
diseases and has a tendency to be carried over into adulthood.
Research aim was to examine health-related physical fi tness in low, moderate and vigorous physical activity
categories among 16-year-old schoolboys.
Research methods. The participants were 155 healthy schoolboys of the 10 th  grade from secondary schools
of Kaunas (Lithuania). Their physical activity was measured by a modifi ed short form of the International PA
Questionnaire (IPAQ) (Craig et al., 2003). The respondents were divided in three PA categories: high (vigorous)
(VPA) (n = 43), moderate (MPA) (n = 63), and low (LPA) (n = 49). Physical fi tness tests were performed to
measure participants’ fl exibility (by sit-and-reach test) (Eurofi t, 1993), power (by vertical jump test), and muscular
strength and endurance (by modifi ed push-up test) (Suni et al., 1994).
Research results. There were no signifi cant differences between the boys in different PA groups in respect
of anthropometrical and body composition parameters (p > 0.05). The results of health-related physical fi tness
tests were signifi cantly better of the VPA group boys (p < 0.05). The total volume of PA correlated with all health-
related physical fi tness components that were measured (r = 0.23–0.38, p < 0.01).
Discusion and conclussions. We may conclude that health-related physical fi tness is positively related to the
total amount of physical activity in 16-year-old schoolboys.

Keywords: frequency, duration, intensity, volume, physical activity, physical fitness.

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