Economic Impacts of the Organization of Big Sports Events Based on Tte Example of the European Laser Senior Championship 2014


  • Alen Jerkunica
  • Toni Miljak
  • Majda Todorović



Background. Tourism and sport, apart from being a significant social phenomenon, are close to each other and
interfere. In modern society, sport has become an important content during a tourist’s stay in a destination, regardless
of whether he/she is an active participant in competitive or recreational sports activities. Tourism industry has a share
of 18.2% of GDP of the Republic of Croatia, but seasonality is one of the key problems. The modern tourist should be
offered added value such as excursions, sports or musical events, cultural manifestations, etc. The stated values can
be achieved with a proper destination management.   Aim of the research was to demonstrate on the example of the
organisation of a big sports event, how and to what extent a big sports event affects the increase of consumption in a
Methods. The research employed a questionnaire survey.
Results. Guests, participants of the big sports event spent more than the average tourist in the destination on the
annual level.
Conclusions. The organization of a big sports event has a number of positive consequences for the economy of a
destination. In addition to the fact that guests and participants of big sports events spend more than an average tourist
in a destination does per day, they want to learn about the history and culture and other attractions in a destination
they visit or stay. The above mentioned has the effect of getting a positive impression that they will transfer to their
families and friends who will also want to visit the destination. Also, the organization of a big sports event in the
preseason or postseason contributes to the extension of the tourist season, which is extremely important for the city
of Split since tourism is still seasonally oriented despite the fact that it has a high 18.2% of the GDP (in 2016 and
17.2% in 2014).

Keywords:  big sports event, consumption, income of the destination, sports tourism.


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Jerkunica, A., Miljak, T., & Todorović, M. (2018). Economic Impacts of the Organization of Big Sports Events Based on Tte Example of the European Laser Senior Championship 2014. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, 3(106).



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