Peculiarities of Cardiovascular Reactions of Elite Greco‑Roman Wrestlers to Repetitive Dosed Exercise Test


  • Alfonsas Buliuolis
  • Mindaugas Ežerskis
  • Kristina Poderienė



Research background and hypothesis. The synergy of central and peripheral changes while performing easy
exercises in repetitive manner should show central or peripheral changes which start increasing and become a trigger
for functional mobilization.
Research aim. The aim of this study was to determine the mobilization peculiarities of central and peripheral
cardiovascular  function  in  Greco-Roman  wrestlers  cohort  while  performing  a  dosed  exercise  test  in  repetitive
Research  methods.  Greco-Roman  wrestlers,  sprinters,  endurance  runners  and  non-athletes  underwent  three
Roufier tests (30 squats per 45s) with 2 minutes of recovery between them. The changes in the heart rate (HR)
and JT interval taken from 12-lead ECG and O 2  desaturation (StO 2 ) registered by near-infrared spectroscopy were
Research results. HR increased and JT interval decreased more and more in both non-athlete cohorts while there
were no significant changes in all three athlete cohorts, i. e. we did not find any summing effects of the repetition of
workloads. The tendency of increase in StO 2  at the second minute after the dosed workload was greater and greater
with each consequent repetition of the testing workload in all cohorts.
Discussion and conclusions. We have proved our hypothesis that peripheral changes during repetitive exercising
start increasing earlier than the central ones. The dynamics of central and peripheral cardiovascular indices in non-
athlete cohorts while repeating a dosed aerobic exercise test every two minutes demonstrates the cumulative effect
of physical exertion whereas in elite Greco-Roman wrestlers as well as in other individuals adapted to physical loads
functional indices reiterated.

Keywords: electrocardiogram, dosed exercise test, oxygen saturation.


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Buliuolis, A., Ežerskis, M., & Poderienė, K. (2018). Peculiarities of Cardiovascular Reactions of Elite Greco‑Roman Wrestlers to Repetitive Dosed Exercise Test. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, 4(83).



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