Research in Consumer Preferences Selecting the Services of Wellness-Fitness Centres in Kaunas


  • Vilma Tamulienė



Research background and hypothesis. Competition among wellness-fitness centre companies is quite high. Each
company which provides services to sport, in order to effectively carry out its activities, must take into account not
only the political, economic, social, cultural, technological environment to follow current and potential competitors
and their actions, but also consumer needs and priorities in selecting services. In addition, wellness-fitness centre
managers must know the key criteria of consumer choice, especially when preparing strategic marketing plans for
future company activities. Hypothesis – the most important keys of consumers selecting fitness centres services are
geographic location, the quality of services and price.
Research aim was to determine consumer preferences in selecting fitness and wellness services at the largest
health centres in Kaunas.
Research methods. The methods of quantitative questionnaire survey and observation were used, as well as the
comparison of the conducted research findings with Euro barometer (2009), “Rait” (2007), KTU representatives
investigating  the  customers  in  “Impuls”  sports  and  entertainment  parks  (2009),  Lithuanian  Union  of  Sports
Federations (LSFS) in 2010.
The questionnaire survey was conducted in March-April of 2011. A random probability sampling method was
used with visitors (n = 170) from four largest wellness-fitness centres in Kaunas and the e-version of the questionnaire
was uploaded into the social network profiles of wellness-fitness centres. The data were analysed and processed
using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS 17.0 version).
Research results. Results of the present research allow concluding that respondents’ opinions concerning the
following service assessment of wellness-fitness centres in Kaunas were very scattered and very unequal (standard
deviation of the motivator assessment >1). However, only one provided service coincided. It was the service of sauna
and sauna area (standard deviation of the motivator assessment = 0.996 < 1). The research hypothesis was proved
Discussion and conclusions. Having executed the research it was determined that there were very versatile
consumer priorities in selecting the service provided by wellness-fitness centres in Kaunas and it was impossible to
distinguish predominant ones proving that wellness-fitness centres had to focus on the personalized service packages
and modern information technologies for the customer relationship management.

Keywords: consuming sports services, companies of sports services, package of services.


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