The Role of Motion Design in the Formation of Dynamic Brand Style

Elina Shapran


Research background. Today, in order for the company to be easily recognized and stay in
the trend, there is not enough ordinary advertising. It should be a progressive design work.
Advertising is an important element in the development of a market economy, it should carry the
continuation of the dynamic corporate identity. Motion design in advertising provides identification.
Effectively using the visual memory of consumers and using stable forms of "one among strangers",
creates a positive emotional attitude. Also, the use of motion elements in advertising emphasizes the
company's trend.
Research goal – systematization of approaches regarding the definition of the concept of
motion design. Research objectives: to reveal the role and main characteristics of motion design in
the formation of a dynamic corporate identity of a company; to explore the main aspects of motion
design in the formation of a dynamic corporate identity of the company.
Methods. Abstracting, comparative analysis and synthesis, systematic and structured
dynamic styles of Ukrainian and international companies, which made it possible to highlight the
significant role of motion design in increasing brand awareness of the company.
Results. The role of motion design in the formation of a dynamic corporate identity is
revealed, the basic requirements are identified, and the trends in the advertising of enterprises realized
with the help of motion design in the continuation of a dynamic corporate identity are analyzed.
Conclusions. The development of companies translates into a qualitative change in the life
realities of a person in the context of globalization and a dynamic change of news. Among the huge
flow of information, advertising is a necessary tool for influencing the consumer to consolidate the
dynamic image of the company. Well-designed motion design allows you to combine different groups
of products under a single brand, which enhances the advertising impact on the consumer.
Keywords: motion design, promotion, brand, color, dynamic corporate identity

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