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Relevance of the research.The computer has long been not a luxuryproduct;it is now common foreach home to have at least one, if not several. Previously, most affordable computer was fixed, nowpeoplemove much andwant to keep the computer next tothem,thuschoosing a laptop.Because oftheirmobility andcompactness,currentlylaptops are particularly popular among students.Theycan bringthemto lectures, theuniversity library. Business peoplealso appreciatenotebook mobilityasa means ofalways relevantinformation, e-mail, and other data at hand. This is one of the main arguments that determine the choice of alaptop computer. This trend is confirmed by computer purchase BIGBANK data (2012), the users tend to buylaptops (31%),and halfof themdesktop computers (15%). However,R.Tiwari andS.Buse (2006)suggetsthat not all mobile devices provide access to mobile telecommunication networks. Standard laptops, despitetheir mobile devices,areoften connected to the fixed network or restricted in size, weight and other factors.Laptops are used for optimized microarchitecture, characterized by higher productivity and lower energyconsumption, increased working hours, compared to standard systems.Theresearch problemis posedbythe question:what factors influence the standard laptop purchase.Researchobject:factors affecting the standard laptop purchase in Lithuania.Research purposewastoanalysefactors affecting the standard laptop purchase.Objectivestoachieve the purpose:1.Perform thestatistical analysis offactors influencing the purchase of standard laptops.2.Develop andanalysebinary logistic regression model.Research methods:statistical analysis of the dataand binary logistic regression analysis using astatistical package SPSS, scientific literature analysis and synthesis, induction, analogy, questionnaire(survey).Resultsand conclusions.Statistically insignificant factorswereage, sex, social status members(students, workers, pensioners, unemployed). Adjusted binary (binomial) improved logistic regression modelwas suitablefor thedata. It was identified that68.3% of the respondents who bought a standard laptop,and79.7% of the respondentsdid not important, which computer would be chosen.The percentage of generallyclassified casesis 75.0%. Wald test shows that all the factors enhancedthemodel statistically significantly.According to the research results there isprobability that the respondents with managerial statusoftenbuystandard laptops thanrespondents withother social status.Keywords:laptops, purchase, binary logisticsregression.

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