Valentina Voronkova, Marina Maksimenyuk, Vitalina Nikitenko


Grounding ofresearch.Humandimension comes from the fact that reserves of humanisticdevelopment of economics, politics and culture are to be found in man himself, the development of hisconsciousness and spiritual capital. Without the development of anthropological capital, further developmentand improvement of society become impossible. The most important resource of human dimension appearsintensification of anthropological capital and human existence. Anthropological principles of humandimension are terms of saving human, natural, social and political resources. In its substantive characteristics,concept of human dimension includes theoretical and conceptual grounding of“typical”tasks of humanizationof politics, economy, ecology, social policy, science, education and culture.Problem situation.In the context of philosophical and anthropological dimensions, emphasis isshifted to human ontology, in which doctrine of the meaning of human life and the possibilities of itscomprehension, in particular by examining the conflictof human world-attitude and self-creation is central.Through the anthropological principle, an attempt to explain the man himself and the surrounding world,comprehend the man and the surrounding world, understand the man as a unique phenomenon, as the creatorof history and culture is made. Fundamental questions of philosophical and anthropological discourse–theattitude of man to the world and the world to man:What is the world we live in?Whatis man's place in thisworld? What is the man himself andwhat is the nature of his consciousness?Researchproblems.Philosophical and anthropological aspect of humanistic management isfundamental in European philosophy, so we turn to the reception of man in the projection of anthropologicaldimensions of human being, which are reduced to the following trends, existing in the world today.The aim of research:analysetheconcept of the human dimension asthe anthropologicalbasis ofhumanistic management tasks.Conclusions.Tofulfilall tasks of concept of human dimension as the anthropological basis ofhumanistic management, it is necessary to form the elite of humanitarian managers, exercise social andhumanitarian policy by forming the key objectives of humanitarian management activity in human dimensionaldirection: a) national (semiotic); b) personal growth and activity self-determination (anthropological); c)spatial; d) strategic thinking and political action. Promote development of human dimensional outlook ofhumanitarian managers and development of human dimensional technologies, which are a set of scientificallygrounded methods and special techniques of indirect impact on society through the management of socialhumanbehaviour. Promote modernization of human dimensional European space of Ukraine, which requires:establishing a modern human dimensional culture of public management; full integration of Ukraine into theinformation space; strengthening the Ukraine's presence in the global humanitarian space.Keywords:human dimension, anthropological discourse,humanistic management.

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