Development of Children’s and Youth Sports In Sochi


  • Анастасия Жерновая


Relevance  of  research. The  problem  of  health  decline  of  the  younger  generation  is  becoming increasingly  important.  At  present,  the  overalllevel  of  health  deviation  of  children  in  Russia  is  annually  increasing by 7%. Because of modern lifestyle, most adults have weak motivation for physical activity and  low perceptions about healthy lifestyle as well as the sport.Implementing  this  policy,  the State allocates substantial funding for the development of children’s and youth sport. Interests of the state are the following: efficient use of physical culture and sports to bring up  patriotism  of  citizens,  to  prepare  them  for  the  protection  of  the  country  and  serve  in  the  army,  health promotion,  maintaining  high  availability  and competitiveness  of  able-bodied  persons  in  the  labor  market. The  state  is  interested  in  the  efficient  development  of  sports  and  recreational  clubs that  make  up  such  an important  segment  of  the  sports  industry  as  a  recreational  sport,  as  provision  of  sports  and  recreational  services  to  the  population  affects  the  formation  of  healthy  lifestyle,  improvement  in public  health  and  the quality of human resources of the national economy. Holding  in  Russia  Sochi  Olympic  Games 2014  significantly  affected  the  increase  of  winter  sport  popularity, the interest increased by 60 percent. Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has said that it is still not enough for such a big country as Russia. The problem of further improving athletic training is not merely a search for new methods of training and selection, but most of all, a broad involvement of children to sports with further sports orientation. The object of study is children’s and youth sports in the city of Sochi. The  purpose  of  the  study is  to  determine  the  level  of  realization  of  state  programs  for  thedevelopment of children’s and youth sport in the city of Sochi. Research methods and organization: 1 Analysis and synthesis of data from li terature and Internet resources; 2 The method of mathematical statistics, processing the study results. Conclusions  and  suggestions. The  most  important  link  in  the  development  of  youth  sport  and  its  basement in the education system have always been and still remain youth sport schools which has trained many  champions  of  Russia,  Europe,  World  and  Olympic  Games.  In  connection  with  the  preparation  and  holding of Sochi Olympic Games - 2014 there was a significant increase in children’s and youth sport schools.  To day 24 children’s sports schools are already active in Sochi. Further  development  of  youth  sport  cannot  go  on the  only  way  of  increasing  the  number  of  sports  schools. The development of youth sports could also be contributed by the establishment of sports  clubs at  educational  institutions.  Proper  organizing  of  the  educational  process  at  primary  school,  high  school,  and  vocational school is unthinkable without the involvement of young people to the sport necessary to improve their  lifestyle  and  mental  performance.  In  addition,  the  creation  of  such  sport  clubs  will  help  youth  sport schools to select young athletes more qualitatively,more effectively implement their natural potential and to provide favorable conditions for the improvement in the chosen sport.

 Keywords: health, children’s and youth sports, sports schools, legacy of the Games, the Olympic  facilities.







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