Produktų demonstravimo vaidybiniuose filmuose ypatumai (teorinis aspektas)

Lina Pilelienė, Sigita Jurgilaitė


Research  background.  According  to  J. A. Karrh  et  al.  (2001)  product  placement  in  movies  is
used with intensions to extend product awareness, create positive associations with a product, or to promote
sales. Product placement is becoming very successive tool of promotion; its impact on society is constantly
growing. Many films can make an impact on society’s attitudes, also, form buying patterns.
Despite a wide usage of this promotional tool, attempts to find scientific publications of Lithuanian
authors considering this product placement in Lithuanian movies were unsuccessful. However, many cases
of product placement can be observed in Lithuanian movies. Therefore, it becomes relevant to analyze the
peculiarities  of  product  placement  in  movies.  The  problem  solved  in  the  article  is  how  to  make  product
placement  in  movies.  Foreign  authors  are  constantly  providing  research  on  multiple  aspects  of  product
placement (its impact on viewers’ purchase intentions, impact on memorization, product awareness, etc.);
therefore, the lack of Lithuanian researches in the field substantiates the problem.
The object of the article is the peculiarities of product placement in movies.
The aim of the article is to reveal the peculiarities of product placement in movies.
Research method. Qualitative content analysis of scientific literature was provided to reveal the
principal aspects of product placement in movies. Whereas there is a lack of Lithuanian authors’ insights in
the field, researches provided by foreign authors (Sargent et al., 2001; Jin, Villegas, 2007; Sung et al., 2008;
Wiles, Danielova, 2009 et al.) were analyzed. Various approaches to product placement in movies provided
by different authors are reviewed, different conceptions of product placement in the movies are generalized,
and potential usage areas of the activity are revealed in the article. General scientific research methods of
logical analysis and synthesis of scientific literature are applied for theoretical research.
Findings.  Product  placement  in  movies  can  be  named  as  an  alternative  way  to  reach  target
audience and highlight product’s advantages. Product placement is product’s or its identifier’s inclusion into
media using sonic or visual elements. The main goal of product placement is to increase customer awareness,
make positive impact on their preferences and purchase intentions.
Main  advantages  of  product  placement  in  the  movies  are  naturalness,  high  concentration  of
viewer’s  attention,  inevitability,  and  revelation  of  character,  creation  of  positive  associations,  sales
promotion, and the reach of target audience.
Scientific  researches  and  real  practices  of  foreign  organizations  have  proven  that  product
placement  in  the  movies  enhance  product  awareness,  creates  and  increases  positive  impact  on  a  brand.
Accordingly, the direct impact on increase in sales can be observed.

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