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PapievienÄ—, Vilma

  • Vol 1, No 96 (2015) - Sports Physiology
    Rate of Increase in Workload Determines the Mobilization Rate But Not the Degree of Increase in ECG Parameters
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  • Vol 1, No 92 (2014) - Sports Physiology
    Cardiac Function and Muscular Oxygen Desaturation in Sprint and Endurance Cohorts during the Incremental Bicycle Ergometry
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 1, No 88 (2013) - Sports Physiology
    Dynamics of Concatenation between Cardiac Output and Indices of Arterial Blood Presure during Graded Exercise Stress in Endurance Cohort
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 1, No 84 (2012) - Sports Physiology
    Cardiovascular Adjustments during Graded Exercise Stress
    Abstract  PDF

ISSN: 2351-6496